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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer the most common questions below, but if you have a specific question that isn’t answered then please Free Consultation.

There could be different resolutions to this; most often it is a set up issue between the client and subcontractor; and usually needs coverage area adjustment made on one end or both; so information matches on both sides.
Couple of different reasons – tech does not have an open calendar or his day may already be full.
Will need to be set up as a power-user giving them technician and staff access to see other technician information.
You can set them to cover a specific area or base their day off of mileage/zip coverage.
Add the equipment to your job; once the order is completed/closed the system will mark your equipment as installed with job information for the equipment showing on the serialized equipment search.
Yes you can add/take equipment/consumables from the tech/truck/warehouse – once the information is on the order and the order is complete/closed it will pull the consumables/serialized equipment off the tech/truck/warehouse; leaving you a count of what they used/need.
Add the amount each tech gets paid for the job/product & service; and when you run a pay report the amounts will show on the report to create; will give you the prices and totals for what you owe them for that pay period.

Most Common F.A.Q

We’ve tried to answer the most questions below, but if you have a specific question that isn’t answered then please Free Consultation.

Your technicians can upload pics/doucments while in the field and also capture the customers signature.
When you create a new order for a customer, just put the customers zip on the order and click the check availability under the zip – this will bring up an availability calendar.
We keep a log of each person that logs into the software; who, when and ip address.
If you have an internet merchant account the software will process your customer’s payments.
We have several uploads available to get your information into the system if you receive your information in a file format.
We have an editor that customers can use to build customized paperwork that they need.

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